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If there is one continent on earth that celebrates a diverse range of culturally enriched festivals around the year, it is Asia. Asia is known for its vast, culturally celebrated life and welcoming communities. Each festival is a unique blend of ancient traditions and cultural identities. These festivals provide a rich insight into the lives of locals. The wide range of festivals from different corners of Asia promises an exclusive experience full of culture, food, and laughter. So if you are planning to travel across Asia, here are the best cultural festivals to add to your bucket list.

Chinese New Year, Singapore

Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated across many regions of the continent. Although each country has its speciality, Singapore is the most popular among them. Here, the festivities continue for three days straight. It includes dragon parades, street parties, cultural night shows, dance competitions, and many more.

Dragon Boat Festival, China

Although numerous dragon boat festivals are celebrated among many Asian countries, China is its birthplace. Known as the ‘Duanwu Festival’ among locals, it mainly consists of eating food and drinking local wine. The main event is the dragon boat competition. These boats are designed as giant scary dragons with bold decorations. People travel all over the world to witness the race.

Holi, India

The festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated in March in India and across diaspora spread worldwide. It marks the beginning of spring and the end of the previous year. The festival includes singing, dancing, drinking, and eating local delicacies. The main event is, of course, playing with colours among friends and family. Holi gives a sense of belonging among different communities as it is celebrated across the country.

Lantern Festival, Taiwan

Taiwan lantern festival is the most popular and renowned lantern festival in Asia. It usually is held in a town called Pingxi. The lanterns floating in the sky over the district create a magical land full of lights. The festival also consists of lantern making, lantern riddles, and decorating the lanterns.

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