Fond of Lakeside Views? Visit These in the UK!

Even though I have never been to the United Kingdom, I do have a lot of knowledge about the country. I have also read and heard from my friends who are settled in the UK that there are more than 30,000 lakeside views in the country. Whenever I hear anyone travelling or taking a trip to the UK, the most common problem everyone faces is to ensure that they visit and experience all these lakes in much less time! The fact is that each lake is breathtaking in its sense and that is what makes it difficult to choose one or multiple out of all. Whether you are going for just a week or even a month, it is naturally not possible to cover all lakesides. 

I have a solution for you. Though it’s hard to choose favourites from such a long list, what you can do is ensure that you do not miss out on anything big. I have collated a list of riverside views that you should visit on your trip to the UK. This list has been designed based on thorough research, image analysis, and hearing experiences of people who have personally visited these lakesides. 

Lakesides that will Change Your Perspective! 

Lake Windermere 

This lake is 16km long and has a depth of 64 metres! Did you know that this largest lake has cruises and boats that operate for the sole purpose of serving tourists and offering them the best views of the area? Apart from a picnic spot, there is also the Lakes Aquarium at the Southern end of the lake. This aquarium has the largest collection of freshwater fish. 

Ullswater Lake 

This is no less than heaven for adventure enthusiasts. Built-in the 16th century, this lake is situated in the beautiful Pooley Bridge village. The entire lake is 32 km and the tourists are also offered a boat ride that stretches for a 12km hike. Tourists not only come here to visit the lake but most also stay here for a few days. 

Lake District National Park 

This National Park is home to the largest lakes in the country. When you visit the park, the most amazing feature that you will notice is that it not only offers an experience of beautiful lakes but also magnificent sceneries and trail hikes for those who may be interested in doing some adventure. The mode of transport you want to use to explore the natural beauty of these lakes is on you. You can either take a boat ride, hike on your own, or use a car or bus at your convenience. Newlands Valley and Sphinx Rocks are two routes that have an en extraordinary drive full of lake views. 

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