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All of us are thankful for the miracle of human flights. Whether it is a short flight to another city or a 19-hour flight to Singapore, there is nowhere you cannot reach by air. 

However, is it not too good to be true that all we have to do is take a flight to another city and everything is sunshine and rainbows? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You never get anything easy in life, and if you are getting a privilege, you will have to suffer its drawbacks too. 

In the case of flights, the drawbacks come to light when you take a long-haul flight. Think of it – you are spending almost an entire day above ground, and when you do land, the jetlag is worse than any of the headaches you have ever experienced! 

This does not mean that you stop travelling or taking trips to cities that are far away. It simply means that you better prepare yourself for these long-haul flights. We want you to enjoy your time in the air, and for that there are a few tips that you can follow. 

Given below are a few tricks that can make the entire journey more bearable, and sometimes even fun!

The Days You Dread a Long Haul Flight are Now Over! 

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Think about the most comfortable piece of clothing you own. That is the one you need to wear on the flight! Do not worry much about how you look in your outfit, pay more attention to the one you can wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind the temperature of the aeroplane. 

Reserve a Good Seat

This is a tip that needs to be implemented not during, but before the flight. Think ahead and choose a seat that suits your needs and requirements. Here are some tips for when you choose your seat – 

  • For more leg room, choose exit rows 
  • In case you get disturbed by crying children, stay away from the front of the plane! 
  • Get an aisle seat if you like to move around or go to the washroom frequently. 

Keep Cabin Luggage to a Minimum

It is very stressful to carry a large handbag to and from the plane with you. What is even harder is to try and fit it in one of the overhead lockers. We suggest a small handbag or a shoulder bag that can fit all your essentials. You can also keep this within reach by placing it under the seat that is in front of you.

Move Around the Plane 

Make sure you get up every two hours to stretch your legs. This will not only keep you sane but will also save you from increased tiredness later. You can also do some leg exercises on your seat. 

Stay Hydrated 

Instead of drinking tea/coffee or alcohol, drink plenty of water. You may not realise it at first, but aircraft cabins do have a very dry atmosphere. You can either buy a bottle of water onboard or if you want to buy a few at cheaper rates, buy it from the airport before boarding the plane. 

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