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Yes, the tourist attractions are all good and worth visiting at least once in our lifetime. The lakes, the rivers, the mountains, and the beaches are all some reasons that we want to travel and explore new cities. But at the end of the day, is it not food that makes our hearts happy? Is it not trying out new dishes native to the country that we are visiting and taking our time with our loved ones to judge everything the food item has to offer? At the end of a hectic day on a trip where we have spent the whole daylight exploring monuments, do we not crave the comfort food we all love so much? 

Don’t worry, we cannot read minds! We know all this is true because the same is the story with anyone and everyone who plans a trip and makes it happen. Just like you, we want to dive into a world of good food as well. 

To begin with, this article talks about some of the best dishes in Canada that you just have to try! 

We begin with Canada because no matter who we talk to, everyone has heard about the mouthwatering cuisine of this country. Since it is the second largest country in the world, the variety of food is vast too. They have so many traditions and cultures coexisting together that the traditional food items in Canada are a treat for all tourists. 

Canadian Food You NEED to Try! 


Even though this meal looks more or less like a pizza, do not mistake it for one! Bannock is a simple bread that has been in use by Canadians as a staple since ancient times. Bannocks can both be fried and baked, and have recently seen a significant increase in their popularity. 

Nanaimo Bars

This is a 3 layered dessert. The bar is named after the British Columbian city of Nanaimo and is a perfect combination of crunch and moist. The layer is crumb based, the middle layer is made of custard, and there is a thin third layer of chocolate on top. It requires no baking!

Butter Tarts 

You must be wondering that these tarts can be found anywhere, and so what is so special about the ones in Canada? Try it for yourself, and you will know the difference. Flaky pastry shells are filled with butter, sugar and egg filling. 

Believe us when we say this – once you have had even a bite of this tart, you are going to be craving it long after your trip is over! 

Caesar Cocktail

This is the national cocktail of Canada. Even if you do not drink alcohol, you can request it as a mocktail. This is made of vodka, clamato juice, tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce. Recently, the cocktail is being included in dishes like roast chicken, burgers, sliders, and much more. The cocktail is slightly garnished and put on these meals to create a buzz.

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