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I live in a joint family of ten people. From attending functions to enjoying the weekend, it is a given that we do everything together. While most people feel that this leads to little to no privacy at all, I have a different mindset. I love my family and so I think doing everything together just reflects our affection and care for one another.

No matter what we do and how we do it, I feel the trickiest part is when it is time for our quarterly trip! Since I am the eldest one, I have been given the responsibility of planning the trip and ensuring that it is executed smoothly. This is a challenge because I ended to ensure that everybody’s requirements, likes, and dislikes are taken care of. This is when I turn to Omio. This online travel site seems perfect to me as they have a wide variety of options to offer for both staying and commuting. The best part is that there are discounted prices available for every city we wish to travel to.

Since our elder parents and our young children travel with us, we do not want any mishappenings to take place. After all, it becomes the duty of the sons and the daughters to ensure that not just the trip is a huge success, but everyone is taken care of too. A few years ago, I used to plan the entire trip on my own and was very apprehensive about travel sites. I was of the mindset that no travel site can understand the vast requirements of the members of my family and so even if it takes months to plan, I will do it on my own. However, using Omio has changed my thinking for the better. Instead of me wasting my time and energy on planning everything from scratch on my own, I can easily browse on Omio and find not just top-notch stays, but also create a customised itinerary for our upcoming trip. 

From the grandparents to the children of our family, everyone is passionate about travelling. They want to ensure that no matter which city they go to, they cover everything there is to see. This is another reason why I have started using travel sites. With these sites, I can easily browse the most famous tourist places in the city that we plan to travel to. Moreover, since all of us are foodies and prefer to live and eat just like the natives of the city we are visiting do, sites like Marriott also give detailed information on the food outlets that are the best for trying out local food.

Since my travel planning has been always such a hit amongst my family, my friends have picked up on it too! By now you must have realised that I am the kind of person who thinks there is nothing better or more rejuvenating than travelling in the world. While I take quarterly trips with my family, I make it a point to take a trip once every two months with my friends! This friends group is the one that has stayed with me since my college days and so we are very close-knit. Whenever they visit my house, they hear about the great travel planning that I do every quarter! 

So this time, my friends decided to give me the responsibility of planning our upcoming trip. Instead of dividing work and tasks like we always do, everything was now in my hands. I wanted to plan a trip that would stun everyone. To make sure that the trip would be nothing short of perfection, I decided to take help from Loveholidays. The travel site gave me a wide array of cities to choose from, and even add in a tour if I want! Since I was using the site for the very first time, Loveholidays also gave me a huge discount on booking a rental.   

Now that you already know that I am an individual who takes a lot of trips in a year and also manages to maintain the decided budget, I hope you will trust and implement a few words of wisdom from me. Whatever I say is pure out of the personal experience and nothing less. These short trips help me calm down, detox and refresh my mind. Whether I travel with my friends or my family, I always take out a short amount of time for myself. I call this “me time”. These travel memories have taught me that it is essential to take a break from your everyday routine and get in touch with yourself.

Studies, surveys, and research show that most of us neglect to spend time with our loved ones. Whether it is because of the workload or our hectic schedules, we are missing out on making memories with our friends and family. I am not telling you to travel frequently or plan trips all the time. However, I am encouraging you to take a trip at least once every 6 months. Even if it means taking a few paid leaves from the office, it is all worth it when it comes to making memories that will last a lifetime. Think about what would you prefer more – a six-digit salary with no time for family and friends, or a decent salary with enough time to enjoy and have fun with your loved ones. If your answer is the latter, then now is the time to plan a trip and implement it! At the end of the day, it is our loved ones who want to see us grow and be successful in our professional careers. Make this happen, but also do not forget them in the process. After all, life is all about balance and it can only be maintained if you focus on your professional life but also complement it with tours and travelling!

I would like to share the experience of both my colleague and friend, Alisha. Due to some financial issues that she was facing on her end, she had to start earning in between her bachelor’s degree. Soon, she got married and was not able to complete her studies either. Every day I used to see her in the office, I used to notice her behaviour and how silent she was. While she was not too interested in talking to colleagues, she was always smiling. There were times when I used to see her glancing at her phone and laughing wholeheartedly. One day, I decided to approach her during our lunch break and I had planned to be completely straightforward. I asked her exactly what I had in mind and did not sugarcoat a thing. She said that she appreciated my honesty and this is what she does not find in others and hence, does not talk to them. 

Once we started talking, she told me that she never had much time to live the life she wanted. She had a lot of regrets but was also helpless. When I got to know that she got married at the age of 22, I felt sorry and sympathetic for her. However, she corrected me and told me that this marriage turned out to be the greatest gift of her life! Even though she had an arranged marriage, it barely took both of them time to get to know each other. While they did not have anything to talk about or anything in common at first, both of them wanted to open up to each other. They made a pact to go on weekend getaways once a month and take a road trip together every three months. Within just a year of their marriage, this travel decision changed their lives. 

Both of them loved doing adventures together. A week before the trip, they used to spend time together and make an itinerary of their upcoming travel. This not only increased their bond multi folds but also made them aware of the likes and dislikes their partner has and if they share any common interests! While narrating her life story to me, Alisha could not be any happier or at peace with herself. 

This was an example of how easy it is to live a happy and fulfilling life with people that matter and the ones who we love. Finally, I hope you learn a lesson from this incident and travel more!

Mumbai’s fast-paced way of life can occasionally seem very onerous and complicated. We put in a lot of effort, day and night, to pursue our aspirations, yet we run out of time and end up under a lot of stress. This list of vacation spots will undoubtedly make you happy if you are one of those people who has been wanting to take a day excursion outside of Mumbai. Take a break from life’s obligations, even if it’s just for a day. Are your eyes strained from gazing at the screen nonstop? Consider visiting Karjat for a day. You must enjoy taking a day trip to this location by buying a used car from Carvana. Your eyes will enjoy the silky appearance of the verdant-capped mountains. Trekking enthusiasts are welcome to explore the area and hike to their hearts’ delight. When you choose Karnala, you can choose to go birdwatching at the sanctuary, go on a hike to the fort, or combine the two. You can travel there in an hour or two from Mumbai because it is so close by. Lonavala’s romantic climate makes it the ideal destination for couples looking for a day vacation close to Mumbai. If you have the time, you can check out the wax museum, and the Bhushi Dam, and engage in some adventure sports. The most popular day travel destination from Mumbai is Matheran, a highland station without any cars. On foot, you may explore the hill station and take in the numerous viewpoint sites and distinctive rock formations. You can also go horseback riding through the muddy slopes and rock climbing, rappelling, and rock climbing.

Mumbai is a busy metropolis, yet day trips outside of the city are easily possible. There are numerous ways to unwind and make wonderful memories, whether with family, friends or even by yourself. Make this family vacation wonderful and unforgettable with Carvana Cars. With a self-drive automobile from Carvana, you can travel at your own pace. All Carvana vehicles are fully insured and sanitised, allowing you to travel freely.

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